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River Rendezvous 2008

     On a weekend in early May, 15 or so ARFers braved a very iffy weather forecast for our 2nd River Rendezvous on the beautiful Locust Fork River. As usual, the highlight of the weekend was the fellowship shared on the river and around the campfire. The fishing was pretty good, too. We all owe a big debt of gratitude to kreekn for organizing this event and the owners of King's Bend for allowing us to use this beautiful area. Since I mostly hung around the campsite and fished for bream, I can't faithfully recount the many fish stories, memories, and mishaps of the weekend. Luckily, many ARFers went out armed with cameras, so their pictures are going to do most of the talking. Thanks to all of those who took the time to commemorate so many of the weekend's special moments!

Nice spot, Jerre!

A Locust Fork Jewel

Workin' It

"I dunno, what're you gonna throw?"

Whatever they decided on must've worked!

Watch your step!

"I think I'll pour myself a drink now!"


This is not Canyon Ken, though Ken did try and duplicate this maneuver on Sunday

Mitchell scores a nice one!

Working a nice run. Pretty, ain't it!

Bream Slayer

Cookin' up some tuna and amberjack. Man was that good!

This is always the highlight of these weekends for me!

This is Mitchell just before we had both his retinas replaced.


Preparing for battle

The Locust Fork has it's wilder moments!

Showing 'em who's boss!

Perfect form

The campsite. Check out the ARF banner! Thanks Mike!

Another quality spotted bass

I can't say enough about the beauty of this river

Eddying out

Big lures= Big Fish

"You run it first and I'll follow you."

Stop for lunch here and everything tastes good.

A healthy little chunk

Another nice one!

Meanwhile, back at camp...

... a boy begins his love affair with moving water



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