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In the Beginning    by Slapout Mike

In the beginning is a series of essays inspired by the American River Fishing.Com forums and those curious souls who post those eternal “How Do I Get Started” questions.  The essays are an attempt to answer that question for a variety of Fly Fishing topics.  Of course there will be spillover on topics just as applicable to the dark siders, but Fly Fishing is the main thrust—it is what I know best.  Don’t look for expert advice in these essays; I don’t make my living fly fishing.  They really are just recollections and thoughts on my adventures in getting started in various aspects of fly fishing and in some cases the learning that always comes from the school of hard knocks.

Here are some the questions gathered from the forums I hope to answer, at least from my perspective.

·         I've been thinking of picking up tying, just haven’t gotten the nerve to jump in it. Looks like it could get out of control pretty quick. Which costs more? The supplies, or the fly boxes to keep em all in?

·         Do you recommend a certain "X" size for fishing on the Coosa?  What kind of flies do you recommend and where would be the best place to get them? Sorry for all the questions.  What would be some of the basic stuff I need to look for before I head for the river?

·         A couple of years ago I bought a cheap fly fishing combo from wal-mart. Without getting up to go dig it out of the closet I am going to go out on a limb and say that since I got it there for relatively cheap it is probably the quality of a big 'snoopy-pole'.

·         Hey there, been fishing my entire life but never with a fly rod. Picked one up a while back at the Outdoor world in Nashville along with assorted dodads the salesman said I will need. Now I need to learn to use the thing and have not a clue where to start. Anyone out there give lessons or know someone who can teach me how to use this thing? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

·         I've been debating about trying to assemble a rod.

I needed to completely jump into the abyss and build myself a fly rod. They kind of gave me the impression that you aren't a full-fledged fly fisherman until you have caught a fish with a rod you built and a fly you tied. Just what I needed, another hobby to spend money on!!!

Four essays are planned:

·         Part I-So You Want To Learn To Fly Fish?

·         Part II-So You Want To Learn To Tie Flies?

·         Part III-Rod Building—Is It Worth It?

·         Part IV-The Well Read Fly Fisherman

I hope you all enjoy them and for those of you who are in that inevitable beginning stage find them encouraging and useful.



Please feel free to e-mail us at grf-at symbol-negia-dot-net if you have any comments or suggestions!

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