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This section of Alabama River Fishing will contain trip reports and articles about certain techniques and really anything else related to fishing in moving water. Over time, most of the content found here will be supplied by you, the members of Alabama River Fishing. If you would like to submit an article, you can e-mail me or just post it somewhere on the ARF Message Board. I can stick it up in this section of ARF since this is easier to find than things are sometime on the message board. Don't worry about writing your article perfectly either as I'm a pretty good editor!

River Rendezvous 2009- NEW!!- The biggest Rendezvous ever deserves the most pictures in an ARF writeup ever! Check out the big fish, the small fish, the wildlife, and fellowship that make this event what it is!

River Rendezvous 2008- If you didn't get to join us for the 2008 Rendezvous, the 3o or so pictures here will give you an idea of what you missed: good fishing, great cameraderie, and beautiful scenery!

In the Beginning: Introduction- Slapout Mike's primer on flyfishing. An absolute must-read for the beginning or novice flyfisherman!

In The Beginning: Part I- Mike takes you from rods to reels to line to leaders to tippets to flies to fly boxes! Six pages of indispensable knowledge for the beginning flyfisherman (in PDF format).

In The Beginning: Part II- Mike lets us in on his vices, or maybe I should say vises. Part II of this series takes us beginners gently into the world of fly-tying, with all the requisite information on materials, hooks, and vises.

In The Beginning: Part III- Rod Building: Is It Worth It? Mike has already saved you some coin by teaching you how to tie your own bass bugs. Now you can save some real money by following his advice on rod building.

In The Beginning: Part IV- NEW!!- It's been said that success in life is defined primarily by the people you know and the books you read. In this installment, Mike steers us towards some essential flyfishing literature.

Five "Must-Read" Books for River and Stream Fishing- Slapout Mike helps us get through the winter and become better fishermen in the process with this fine review of some great books on river fishing.

Boobies For Bass- Get your mind out of the gutter and read this article, especially if you are a fly fisherman. And yes, there are pictures. Perverts.

So Many Rivers- Ozzybass writes his version of the way things went down at the 2007 River Rendezvous on the Locust Fork and wonders how he's ever going to fit in all of Alabama's great rivers in one lifetime!

Having it Both Ways on Terrapin Creek- Four hours was just too long a drive for a beautiful Sunday afternoon, especially when I had to cross Terrapin Creek to get there.

ARF's First River Rendezvous- In early June of 2007, 15 ARFers took on the Locust Fork, the Mulberry Fork, and record drought conditions. Here's what happened.

So You Wanna Start River Fishing?- ARF's own Kreekn stepped up to the plate and wrote this excellent primer on what it takes to get started fishing rivers and creeks

Why River Fishing?- Not sold on this river fishing thing yet? All the advantages of river angling on one sheet of cyber-paper! You may sell your bass boat after reading this!


Please feel free to e-mail us at grf-at symbol-negia-dot-net if you have any comments or suggestions!

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