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About Alabama River Fishing

The purpose of Alabama River Fishing is simple: to inform Alabamians of a public resource they might have overlooked. Alabama is blessed with some great reservoirs and fine coastal fishing opportunities, but only a small percentage of Alabama fishermen and women ever take advantage of Alabama's 77,242 miles worth of rivers and streams. Sure, there are tons of fish in all this moving water, but perhaps the best thing about getting out on a river or creek is that you get to experience nature as God created it. You simply don't get the same feeling on a man-made reservoir and it is my firm belief that people who don't fish moving water are missing out on a lot.

As the Alabama River Fishing website grows in both content and membership, an added benefit will be the large number of like-minded people you'll be able to share information with, learn from, and get together to float a stream. By joining, you will almost never find yourself lacking for fishing buddies. Joining Alabama River Fishing is easy: all you have to do is register for the ARF Message Board (click button up top) and Presto!!, you are a member!

While getting more folks out on Alabama's rivers is a nice goal, I think it is more important to get good people out there. By "good", I mean people who will respect limits, pick up litter (while not adding any), and even practice catch and release once they've got enough for dinner. While I have no control over the types of people that glean information from ARF, I believe that this website and the people on it can play a big role in influencing the way people treat our rivers and streams. While ARF is not an environmental organization, it won't hurt to have a large community of people in Alabama that care about our rivers who can get together and act if a certain waterway is threatened.

Now there are probably a certain number of you seasoned river rats out there who are wondering why in the world anyone would want to publicize Alabama river fishing. If more folks get out on the rivers, the fishing will necessarily get worse. I see your point, and undoubtedly there will be some bad apples who find this website and use it to catch and keep more fish than they need. I truly believe, however, that most people want to do right, and Alabama River Fishing exists, in part, to teach and encourage people to do that.

In short, if we can get more folks to enjoy and value Alabama's rivers, then those people will be more likely to help protect those rivers if they are threatened. If that happens, we all win. Now get out there and catch some fish!



Please feel free to e-mail us at grf-at symbol-negia-dot-net if you have any comments or suggestions!

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