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Planning and Scouting Resources

Real-time Alabama River Levels- Next to rod and reel, a river fisherman's best friend. Allows you to click on your favorite river and see the water level. Extremely useful web site by the USGS.  Your tax dollars at work!

The Weather Channel- See what Mother Nature has in store for that upcoming river trip!

Maptech Mapserver- Maptech's free online topographic maps allow you to explore a river's course and access points from your computer. Once you get the hang of the website, this is a great resource!

Google Earth- This is absolutely amazing! Download Google Earth's software (it's free!) and you now have satellite photos of your favorite river at your disposable. Zoom in and check out that river you've been wondering about!

Alabama-specific Resources

Outdoor Alabama's River and Stream Fishing Page- A great look at many of Alabama's best river and stream fishing destinations!

Alabama Whitewater- Every state needs a website like this!! Tons of pictures, descriptions, and details on just about every canoeable river and creek in Alabama.

American Whitewater's Alabama Page- Flow levels and descriptions of many of Alabama's best float trips. Designed for whitewater enthusiasts, but useful to fishermen as well!'s Alabama Page- Numerous Alabama float trip descriptions geared toward paddlers but useful to anglers.

Alabama Game & Fish- An Alabama print magazine devoted to hunting and fishing. Lots of good articles here!

Great Days Outdoors- Another hunting and fishing print magazine that covers Alabama, Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle.

 Outdoor Alabama (Alabama DNR) and Conservation Organizations

Outdoor Alabama's Fishing Page- Information about fishing licenses, creel and length regulations, boat registration, and a lot more useful stuff on this website!

Alabama Wildlife Federation- The oldest and largest conservation organization in Alabama.

Alabama Rivers Alliance- Uniting the citizens of Alabama to protect the state's clean, healthy waters.


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